Your electronic - Repair - Specialist - World wide
E l e c t r o n i c - T e c h n i c i a n   a n d   M a s t e r   o f   E l e c t r o t e c h n i c s

There is (nearly) nothing on electronic devices we do not repair !
Allways low cost but high level, allways with free estimate and with waranty.

just send broken device for free estimate !

We receive problematic devices for repair from all over the world.
I'm sure we find out the problem and we know a solution for you.

call or message us:
+44 7880 802517
please pay attention your phone number is identified so we can call back.
anonymous calls we dont accept and classify as spam.

or eMail:   email

please read our hints, if you send a parcel to us ...

Here no prepay - you pay the bill in the shipping
back to you with the repaired device !

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